Nahum is death / thrash metal band located in Ostrava (Czech Republic, European Union), estabilished in 2004.

The band is influenced by Slayer, Death, Pestilence, Sepultura, Vader and Bolt Thrower, with lyrical themes about apocalypse, war, death, liberty, lies, chaos and destruction.

The band played more than 180 shows in five countries. They played at 40 open air festivals as Masters Of Rock, Obscene Extreme, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Gothoom, Czech Death Fest, etc. Nahum alse shared club stages with Destruction, Belphegor, Possessed, Hate and I Am Morbid.

In 2019 the band celebrated its 15th anniversary by re-recording the “Unhuman” demo from 2005. Unhuman (2019) became their fourth album and also the first one according to the age of the material.

Current lineup
Pavel Balcar / vocals (2004-present)
Tomash Nahum / guitars (2004-present)
Jan “Hanis” Balcar / bass (2009-present)
Kamil Rýc / drums (2021-present)
Michal Herman / guitars (2022-present)

Past members
Šimon Kotrč / guitars (2020-2022)
Igor “Sataroth” Botko / drums (2020-2021)
Tom Brighter / drums (2015-2020)
Michal Kapec / guitars (2015, 2017-2020)
Zdeněk Šrubař / guitars (2016)
Roman Ševčík / guitars (2004-2015)
Michal Blaha / drums (2009-2015)
Jonatan / drums (2004-2008)
Stiv / bass (2004-2008)

About band name
Nahum is very old, ancient and mysterious name with several symbolical meanings. Nahum is another name for the demon Amon/Aamon/Nahum. In demonology he is the marquis of hell and governs fourty infernal legions and the meaning of this name is “the one who induces to eagerness” (source). Nahum is also name of a apocalyptic prophet originally mentioned in Tanakh – Hebrew sacred books (source). The name “Nahum” remains in existence to the present days as forename even surname.
The band chose that name due to its dark, mystic and apocalyptic meaning as well as that is short and unique name.