Czech metal band NAHUM was formed in 2004 in Ostrava. From the very beginning the band brings dynamic raw death metal to its fans. In 2005 was recorded the first “rehearsal” demo called Unhuman.

Although Nahum interrupted their activity in 2006, they were back on scene in 2009 with slightly changed line-up. Apart from performing gigs, NAHUM composed songs for the debut album. That was released in March 2012 and named The Gates Are Open.

Album was immediately very well received by Czech magazines and e-zines as well as foreign e-zines. The record, produced by band itself, brings energic fusion of melodic death and thrash metal. At the end of 2012 NAHUM made a first official video for the track The Vision Of Apocalypse.

NAHUM shows are always full of energy. In 2013 NAHUM is going on tour with leading Czech death metal bands Pandemia and Tortharry, or hit the stage at Agressive Music Fest open-air festival to name a few.

We´re looking forward to seeing you! Your metal machine from the city of steel – NAHUM.